CDC ENGINEERINGS SRL è un’azienda costituita da persone di esperienza decennale, tutti alimentati dalla passione e dall’unità di una grande famiglia, fin dal 1946 siamo nel commercio di prodotti per l’industria e dedichiamo una particolare attenzione ai cuscinetti volventi di ogni tipo.
Operiamo nel settore industriale per la trasmissione di potenza vantando una vasta gamma di cuscinetti a sfere, a rullini, a rulli a botte e anche cuscinetti speciali e di precisione; trattiamo inoltre i seguenti articoli:

pulegge, pignoni e corone, cinghie e catene industriali, supporti, manicotti a sfera, sfere di vari materiali, anelli di tenuta, guide lineari, riduttori, boccole, giunti cardanici, motovariatori, supporti e snodi.
Ma più che altro soddisfiamo ogni tipo di richiesta, siamo in grado di fornire cuscinetti industriali rari oltre a quelli delle marche più comuni come SKF, FAG e TIMKEN ed abbiamo una nostra produzione a marchio OVR Bearings, progettando su disegno misure speciali di precisione.

Operiamo con impegno e serietà da sempre credendo che il rapporto umano sia prioritario e che l’esperienza pluriennale dei nostri tecnici possa sempre trovare una giusta soluzione ad ogni richiesta.




CDC ENGINEERINGS SRL is made up of partners with decades of experience, fueled by the passion and unity of a large family, since 1946 we have been part of the trade in products for industry, paying particular attention to bearings.

We operate in the industrial sector for power transmission boasting a wide range of ball bearings, needle bearings and barrel roller bearings, also special and precision bearings; we also deal with articles such as: pulleys, sprockets and crowns, industrial belts and chains, supports, ball sleeves, balls of various materials, sealing rings, linear guides, gearboxes, bushings, gimbal joints, motor variators, supports and joints.

We satisfy every type of request, we are able to supply even rare industrial bearings in addition to the most common brands such as SKF, FAG and TIMKEN and we build bearings of our own production, designing special precision measurements on drawing.

We have always worked with commitment and seriousness, believing that the human relationship is a priority and that the many years of experience of our technicians can always find a right solution to every request.

We give particular importance to every single customer by assisting him in the after-sales by managing an accurate maintenance on the machinery.

In our range of the bearings we still have rare; hard to find, as RIV original bearings from 1920 until 1960 and many other types including those no longer in production.
We produce any bearing no longer available on sample. We have a wide range of vintage bearings of all sizes and types, an assortment of rare bearings that we put together with our meticulous research carried out in long years and still continue to enrich.
Let us your request indicating the size of special antique bearings you need, and we will provide timely information!